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11 Social Media Images August 2019IT is a huge part of any business today. So is data. You might be holding data in the form of employee information, customer data or even in-depth product designs. These could of interest to hackers and cybercriminals, even if you are a small business.

Be sure to implement robust cybersecurity measures at your premises. For assistance, talk to our IT support specialists in Cardiff today. Meanwhile, here are the top 4 cyber threats you must be aware of.

IT outsource

Outsourced IT support is a common practice in large businesses. However, even small and medium businesses can benefit greatly by outsourcing their IT support instead of managing an in-house team. Here are the top 5 benefits of outsourcing your IT support in South Wales to Midas Solutions.


21 Social Media Images Sept 2019Did you know that over 60% of global trade is conducted online these days? Hence keeping your company’s IT infrastructure running smoothly is extremely crucial when you want to retain your brand’s competitive advantage.

Failure to maintain your IT network could result in an outage, leading to massive loss of revenue, productivity, data, and ultimately, goodwill.       

At Midas Solutions, we employ competent professionals who can help thwart downtime losses by providing failsafe IT support. We can help protect your business against:

20 Social Media Images Sept 2019Regardless of the nature of your business, it is crucial to invest in a robust firewall security solution. A firewall security solution will help safeguard your company’s IT network and digital systems from cyber-attacks and spyware. If you do not secure your computer system with an enterprise cyber security solution, you risk losing sensitive personal information, and eventually customer loyalty.   

When you outsource your company’s IT network maintenance task to Midas Solutions, a leading IT company in South Wales, you enjoy the following benefits.

16 Social Media Images August 2019Any business that makes use of computers, voice and data systems and networks is using Information Technology (IT). Almost every business in the world today is using IT.

From effortless communication across continents to efficient business planning, procurement, and production, information technology has changed the way we conduct business.

15 Social Media Images August 2019A successful business is the sum of its parts.

Don’t let your IT infrastructure pull you back. Choose a reliable IT support company that is proactive, anticipates problems and prevents issues before they escalate. Furthermore, your IT support provider must blend with your IT team seamlessly and keep up with the latest developments to provide reliable solutions.


Social Media Images July 2019 02Midas Solutions have been supporting businesses across the UK for over 10 years and we take care of hundreds of IT systems for businesses such as yours. 

The free cyber audit for your network is very simple and easy. It takes about 30 minutes and one of our engineers will review your current technology setup. Our 25-point checklist will help identify whether you have all the essentials in place to keep your IT systems secure and fast. 

Social Media Images July 2019 01A 2019 study, Cyber Security Breaches Survey, conducted by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, found that a third of UK businesses experienced cyber security attacks and breaches in 2018. According to the study, online impersonation, phishing emails and viruses are the most common form of attacks. 

These statistics point to the importance of cyber security for businesses. Here are some reasons why security online is more important than ever. 

Social Media Images July 2019 03There’s no getting away from spam. In all likelihood, about 7 of 10 emails in your inbox are spam. You’re most likely to be spammed if you register for an online service by giving your mail id, send posts to internet forums or sign up with an e-retailer. And simply clicking on spam mails could make your company’s servers vulnerable to malware and Trojans, causing leakage of sensitive data.

Although you cannot completely eliminate spam, you can take the following steps to reduce spam mail.

Post02 Social Media Images June 2019A vulnerability is any kind of weak spot in your network that leaves you exposed to a security threat or a breach. Any unaddressed vulnerability in your IT network puts your organisation at a huge risk.

For example, failing to make important updates to your IT network leaves you vulnerable.

The risks of a vulnerability are numerous including reduced productivity, loss of data and the time and money required to rebuild the server after it has been compromised.

news 300519Your IT systems play a critical role in your company’s success. With technology evolving quickly, it’s important to review your IT infrastructure from time to time. Although this could sound like a complicated task, there are some clear signs your IT systems are outdated and need a review.

Your systems are too slow

Do you find there’s too much downtime every time there’s a problem with your IT systems? If your IT systems take too long to respond, it’s time to take the leap to the latest technology.

news good networkYour business has grown at great speed over the past few years. What was once a small business has now established itself as a market leader. Now that everything is on track, you also need to ensure your IT network is in sync with your growing business needs.

Here are the top four reasons why you should ensure your IT network is suitable for your established business.

 News good it companyAs your business grows, so will your technology requirements. As a growing business, you will find that you can save time as well as money by contracting your IT needs to a managed IT services company in Cardiff.

Based on a ‘pay as you go’ model, Midas Solutions can offer an array of specialised technology services including management of IT security, networks, applications, data and other e-management services.

A good IT company can help you in more ways than one.

I08 Social Media Images March 2019T support has become an important part of any business. If your business has a dedicated IT support team, you can gain immensely by outsourcing the tasks to Midas Solutions and stand to gain immediate benefits.

Whether you are a start-up, a growing business or an enterprise, we can help streamline your business. Here’s how.


07 Social Media Images March 2019Today, a business cannot do without embracing technology. That’s because technology has become an integral part of efficient business operations. With the increased adaption of technology, there comes a time when you need the assistance of an IT company.

Here are some signs to look out for.


Midas blogHiring an IT company to take care of your technological requirements can help maximise your revenue. This is possible because a good IT company is focused on optimising your IT infrastructure. Here are some reasons why hiring a reliable IT company is cost and time efficient.



Social Media Images February 2019Today’s digital world is complex and change is constant. This can increase the risk in every area of your business. However, don’t let uncertainty and evolving environment hold you back.

Instead, look at risk from the perspective of uncovering new opportunities and something of value to disrupt the market and grow your business.

Let’s understand how risk intelligence services can help your business.

Social Media Images January 2019Your business could be suffering from several IT security issues without even realising it. Left unchecked, these issues can give intruders an opportunity to breach your IT infrastructure to misuse your data and cause problems.

So when you should you be really concerned about your IT security? Well, if you ask us, there’s not a moment that you are not at risk. Here are some situations when you should be concerned about your IT security.

22 Social Media Images January 2019Businesses around the world rely on computers for the smallest of tasks. Securing your IT system, therefore, becomes extremely critical for your business.

In fact, a lot of businesses, store some critical information on their computers. However, most a majority of businesses do nothing to secure the data and their IT infrastructure.

If not secured appropriately, your computers are at high risk of damage or theft. If you thought locking your computer with a password was enough, think again. Intruders can access your computer and the data stored on it in a number of ways.

19 Social Media Images DECEMBER 2018Cyber attacks have become a foremost threat to online operations across the world. Each day, hackers are coming up with new techniques and approaches to trick users into sharing critical information that allows them unauthorised access to your computer.

At Midas Solutions, we understand the importance of foolproof cybersecurity for your business. Based in Bridgend, South Wales, we are here to help you manage your data and information using the latest technology to ensure complete security for your business.

18 Social Media Images DECEMBER 2018As a business owner, protecting your own information and that of your clients from cyber attacks should be one of your top priorities. And for that, you need an impregnable IT security programme that works round the clock to keep your computers safe.

At Midas Solutions, we do just that and more. We are a trusted IT company in South Wales with years of experience. Based in Bridgend, we offer top-class IT support for all your IT needs including security.

Our technicians can ensure your files and information are safe. However, there are certain things you can do to protect your computers against attacks from virus and malware.

18 Social Media Images NOVEMBER 2018The cloud is a computing technology wherein all data and resources are retrieved from cyberspace through the Internet. Unlike the traditional method of direct connectivity to a server and storing data on hard disks, cloud-based applications allow you to store all your information on to a remote storage system.

The system is referred to as cloud-based computing simply because the cyberspace is considered a vast ‘cloud’ where millions and millions of bytes of data are stored in a safe and secure environment.

At Midas Solutions, we offer customised cloud-based solutions to cover all your IT needs. Whether you want a safe data storage space, quick retrieval facilities, excellent connection, high-class data back-up or complete security; you can count on us.

05 Social Media Images NOVEMBER 2018Voice or Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as Internet Voice) is a combination of technologies that are used to transmit data from one source to another using Internet Protocol (IP). VoIP is most commonly used to make local or international telephone calls at a very affordable rate. The technology provides high quality, fast voice communication across the globe.


20 Social Media Images OCTOBER 2018If you have an email account, you are probably well aware of spam emails and just how annoying they are. But have you ever thought just why do you (and millions like you the world over) receive such emails? There are several reasons why spammers send such messages and you should be aware of them so you can ensure security both for your computer and your personal information.

04 Social Media Images OCTOBER 2018Spam emails, also known as junk emails are unwanted and unwelcome messages sent in bulk to millions of Internet users through their email account. If you find your account is regularly receiving messages or information that you never asked for and from sources unknown to you, you are receiving spam emails.

Most spam messages promote products and are commercial in nature. However, irrespective of whether these are commercial or not, spam emails compromise the security of your email account and personal information. In many cases, such emails contain malware in a disguised format that enables spammers to hack information. Spam emails may also contain viruses that can compromise your account wherein all information is susceptible to being completely wiped out. 

In the event of such an unfortunate situation, get in touch with Midas Solutions. We are a South Wales based IT company offering a range of services including disaster recovery. In case your email account has been hacked and you have lost all the important data, we have the expertise to recover them and restore your account.

16 Midas Social Media ImagesCybersecurity is a set of technologies that help protect Internet-based networks including data, software and hardware from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is crucial to the safety of your business as it prevents unauthorised access, damage or risk to business-critical data and network connections.

When you want complete security for all your IT connections, contact Midas Solutions. We are based in Bridgend, South Wales and take great pride in serving some of the best companies in Europe.

With decades of experience, we are equipped to provide a wide range of services such as cloud hosting, voice Systems, IT support, connectivity and, of course, cybersecurity. We assure you of delivering the best solutions and support for all your IT needs.

15 Midas Social Media ImagesOffice 365 is a cloud-based subscription plan from Microsoft Office. It includes access to different Office applications and other services that are accessed on the cloud.

When you want to work from anywhere, anytime, Office 365 is the perfect platform. If you still haven’t tried it, you are missing out on the several benefits that this all-encompassing, cloud-based plan offers.

We are a South Wales based IT company that specialises in data and voice systems along with other Internet services. With over 75 years of experience in this field, we assure you of providing the best IT support and solutions for you all your business needs.

Consult us today to know how we can help your business grow and stay connected with Office 365.

19 Social Media ImagesRansomware has become one of the leading security threats today and is highly dangerous for the victims.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that will lock up the files on your computer or encrypt them so you are left without any access to them. The hackers will demand a payment in return for access to your files.

However, ransomware is not a virus. Viruses usually infect the files on your system. Ransomware, on the other hand, scramble your files so they become inaccessible until you pay up.

11 Social Media ImagesWhy keep your IT in-house when you can experience myriad benefits by delegate the task to us. In fact, by retaining your IT in-house, you are actually taking two steps backward.

With our managed IT support services, you benefit from the power of a complete team of professionals by your side. This frees up your time, resources and energy that you could focus on your core business rather than grappling with technology.

Here are 5 ways how delegating your IT to Midas Solutions will benefit you.

Reasons Why Investing in Our IT Services Will Help Save You in the Long TermA lot of companies consider IT services outsourcing as an expensive, inefficient and unnecessary expense. However, that’s far from the truth.  When you partner with Midas Solutions, your business has a lot to gain in the long term. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should invest in our IT services.

Increase Productivity

Technology helps increase productivity by facilitating collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing that ensures employees can innovate. These facilities are made possible through a variety of technologies like broadband connectivity, file servers, email communication, mobile platforms, central databases and more.

Your business can benefit from increased productivity only when this complicated technology is appropriately planned, executed and managed. With our best practices and years of experience, your business gains from all the benefits of increased productivity.

5 Things Our Team Can Do to Help Streamline Your BusinessIn today’s digital world, a lot of businesses across the UK are switching to cloud telephony. At Midas Touch, we have seen an exponential growth of demand for this technology. The benefits of cloud technology are limitless. Let’s take a look at five ways your business can benefit from Midas Cloud.

Ability to Work from Home

Who doesn’t like the flexibility of working from home? Our cloud telephony system allows you and your employees to work from home. With the Midas Cloud, you are not limited by the four walls of your office. Whether you are a one-man-show or a growing enterprise, you can take your business phone wherever you are. Midas Cloud gives you the power to create, copy, edit any document as well as communicate with anyone no matter where you are.

17 Social Media ImagesEvery business with an online presence is at the risk of cyber attacks. However, not every organisation has the resources to tackle such attacks. Even though small businesses face the same risks as large businesses, most do not have the systems and protocols in place to take the necessary action in the case of an attack. An attack would cost your firm a lot more.

The good news is that small businesses don’t have to stay exposed to this risk, and tackling most of the cyber security risks is pretty simple. In fact, most of the data breaches occur because businesses fail to put in place the most basic security measures.

The government-backed Cyber Essential scheme is a great way to put the basic security measures in place. A cyber essentials audit from Midas Solutions is a great starting point to help secure your business against online attacks and data breaches. Here are some reasons why you should get a free cyber essentials audit with Midas.

09 Social Media ImagesData is a precious fuel the digital world runs on. No matter the industry you’re in, it’s highly likely that you are collecting, storing and sharing information about your customers. This data could be email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and credit card/bank account details. If your business collects and stores any such data, you must give due consideration to customer privacy and data security.

Here are some reasons why you should do everything you can to protect customer data.

Social Media Images May 11Midas Cloud is a cloud solution that makes business telephony seamless, practical, efficient and affordable. What’s more, by setting up your business phone system on our cloud, you can access your phone from anywhere, anytime.

Here are five ways your business will benefit from the Midas Cloud.

Cost Savings

Installing an EPABX system is quite expensive. You’ll need to invest in handsets, training, routers, softphones and more. With the Midas Cloud, you can access your telephone system from your own device be it a landline, mobile phone or even a desktop. Given that there’s no investment in hardware and equipment, you are not spending a penny on maintenance either. That’s a double whammy of savings.

Social Media Images May 20Cloud computing has taken the world by storm. By being on the cloud, you can access a service from anywhere, anytime. Midas Solutions is proud to launch our very own Midas Cloud for the convenience of our customers.

With presence in Cardiff, South Wales, Bridgend, Wales, Swansea, Llanelli, we can help your business in setting up your own cloud-based telephone system. 

So What’s the Midas Cloud?

Midas Cloud is our own cloud infrastructure that you can use to host your VoIP system. By hosting your phone system on the Midas Cloud, you can access your phone system from any location. You can access it from any Internet-connected device be it a PC, laptop, tablet or your smartphone. All you need is a softphone, an Internet connection and access to the Midas cloud for instant connectivity.

You will have access to all same features as your office phone. Only, you can’t take your office phone anywhere you go. But with the Midas Cloud, you can now take your office phone with you no matter where in the world you go.

News 06Medic-Call is a bespoke voice system that’s specially made with doctor’s surgeries in mind. Medic-Call offers a bouquet of communications solutions that is custom-made for General Practice services.

Developed by Splicecom, an award-winning manufacturer of reliable and feature rich voice systems, Medic-Call meets the requirements of the GP team as well as the NHS and the Government.

The telephone is the chief mode of communication for surgery as well as its patients. With more and more patients demanding phone triage and extensive opening hours, and the amalgamation of some surgeries, the humble phone could turn to be either a boon or a bane.

Medic-Call offers an array of voice solutions that aim to enhance, and where necessary, replace the traditional phone system thereby helping you to offer your services seamlessly.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of Medic-Call to your GP Surgery.

News 07Penetration testing, commonly known as a pen test, goes beyond assessing the vulnerabilities in your security. It is usually used by attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities with a view to gain unauthorised access or for other malicious activities.

This process can be manual or automated and is used to:

  • Gather information about the target such as the number of entry points
  • Attempt break-ins (virtually or physically)

Your business can put this very process to good use. You can use this testing method to your firm’s security policy compliance, test your employees’ security awareness as well as to identify potential security threats so you can respond appropriately.

News 05

What is a business without security? Retail outlets will secure their business with alarms. Catering companies will secure their stock through thorough management of produce. Websites and online platforms will secure their systems with firewalls and passwords.

Imagine if these things didn’t exist? How would you safeguard your website? How would you stop competitors from changing your product descriptions online or hacking your systems?

You wouldn’t.

News 04

In the wake of 2018, there should be no excuse for any device or product to be lagging in the ‘operation’ department. Yet, many businesses still put up with dodgy, intermittent internet connections and slow capabilities.

Let us give you a little analogy: your trip to Starbucks for your morning latte means a ten-minute slot to attempt to connect to the WIFI. Let’s face it, the WIFI in most coffee shops is always rubbish. You’ll put your details in and it will probably open ten different windows and ask for various pieces of personal information before your little WIFI bars appear connected.  Even after getting through that minefield, you’re often left with a disappointing connection. It can get a bit annoying, can’t it?

So, if you wouldn’t put up with such bad, long winded connections in a café, why would you accept a poor connection in your office? 

News 01

In this post we will talk to you about why you shouldn’t get caught up about not knowing the complex or confusing ‘techy’ language that took 2017 by storm. Trying to keep up with the urban dictionary can be hard enough without adding all these technological words that are becoming so present in our everyday life.

If you’ve ever come across a piece of technology, then you’ll know that in its manual there are probably a load of words you’ve never heard of before. Although, the beauty of not knowing something in todays’ society means we don’t have to worry because we have our trusted friend Google who will do all the work for us.

Not knowing a word is a simple as Googling it. However, what happens when you don’t know what the meaning, means? That’s when things get a little tricky.