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Social Media Images July 2019 03There’s no getting away from spam. In all likelihood, about 7 of 10 emails in your inbox are spam. You’re most likely to be spammed if you register for an online service by giving your mail id, send posts to internet forums or sign up with an e-retailer. And simply clicking on spam mails could make your company’s servers vulnerable to malware and Trojans, causing leakage of sensitive data.

Although you cannot completely eliminate spam, you can take the following steps to reduce spam mail.

Don’t open spam emails

The rule of thumb that you should strictly follow to reduce junk from deluging your inbox is never to open a spam mail. In case you’ve opened one you strongly feel is spam, close it immediately. If, after opening a spam email, you realise that it was sent by a colleague or a friend, inform them right away. Chances are that their email id has been hacked.

Never respond to spam

Don’t respond to emails that promote products or services promising to boost your sex life. Also, do not reply to messages that guarantee personal loans at abysmally low interest rates or offer uncertified prescription medicines.

You can figure out a spam message from the manner it is presented – the lines contain upper case letters and have too many exclamation marks.     

Do not forward suspicious emails

Do not bother forwarding emails that request you to spread messages from individuals seeking funds for medical emergencies. Replying to such mails allow spammers to collect email addresses for sending malware. Moreover, never click on the links in the spam.

Use a spam filter

Take advantage of an effective spam filter. You can check out some spam filters like POPFile (compatible with both Windows and Macintosh) and SpamBayes (compatible with Windows). Be sure to adjust the privacy settings to ensure you do not receive marketing emails from other sites.              

Keep your email ID private

Do not share your email id; rather conceal it as much as you can. Check the temptation of making your mail address public on your site. And if there’s no way you can avoid it, use free email addresses from Google, MSN or Yahoo.  

Get a new email ID

This could be an extreme measure. However, if you’ve replied to spam indiscriminately, and your inbox is overflowing with junk mails, you can use this option as a last resort. Nevertheless, you’ll have to keep your important contacts in the loop about this change.

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