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Security imageIf you want to protect your business and your clients, then you need an air-tight IT security system. You would think that this would be top of the to-do list, but you’ll be surprised at how many companies undervalue the importance of expert IT security systems.

Businesses are required to do everything in their power to protect all variants of information and communications passing through their channels from internal and external bodies. That’s why Midas Solutions are here, to make sure you’ve covered everything in the world of cyber security. We know that for most, IT can be an exasperating subject when answers to questions aren’t easily available.

Technology is advancing so fast that ‘virus scanner installation’ just won’t cut it anymore! You need high tech, advanced software and good system management if you want to secure your business’s future in the world of IT security.

Firstly, if your business is customer facing then it’s essential that you adopt security measures to protect your customers personal data. You must adhere to Data Protection laws as contained in the Data Protection Act 1998 and abide by industry regulations. Conducting audits is an effective way to analyse the data that you handle and ensure it’s stored, used and protected as it should be.
Security isn’t just down to how you manage information but how it’s configured, stored and used.

Secondly, your systems need to meet the minimum standards for protection against cyber-attacks.

Midas Cyber Essentials logoMidas Cyber Essentials Plus logoAny unsolved IT issues may increase your chance of cyber-attacks. You need a strong system that is actively managed. We’re not telling you that badly managed systems will guarantee a cyber-attack, but it will make your business more susceptible.

Our security experts will review and analyse your existing model to identify any irregularities or problems with the view of securing your business.

Every individual within your company must know the importance of managing data correctly too. Hiring local specialists will provide you with a team of people who know the ‘ins and outs’ of cyber security. They can run you through it and before you know it, you’ve covered all the basics. We will work constantly with you and your team to ensure you are happy and secure.

If you have any problems, then Midas Solutions are only one phone call away. As IT support technicians we strive to make your technological world easier.

We address compliance issues and ensure any outstanding security measures are implemented to meet industry standards.

Here at Midas Solutions, we provide advice and an easy understanding of what we do and how we do it.

We ensure that our industry knowledge is up-to-date and assure you that the business is getting the best service which provides the best results. You’re going to want to store information securely, encrypt information, make data accessible and be prepared. People don’t go in to business with their eyes closed and you shouldn’t operate online without someone there to guide you.

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