• IT Installation

The world of IT is increasingly complex. Technology is evolving faster than most business operations and so the need for expert IT services is rising. IT security, installation and support services are advertised everywhere but choosing the right company to manage your needs is the difference between a good service and a great one.

Midas Solutions will provide you with an array of IT services that will help transform the way you view the virtual world. Your business and its’ day-to-day activities are our priority. We offer concise and timely installation processes (no matter what your needs) and 24 hour dedicated IT support. With remote support, telephone support and dedicated specialist assistance we know that our services will provide you with everything you need without the hassle and undue disruption to your business.

IT Infrastructure

It’s vital you have the correct solution for your business, let Midas create an IT infrastructure that works for you.


Connect devices and exchange data throughout your company - Contact Midas for a solution that works for you.

it virtualisation midas solutions


Virtualisation technology offers users the ability to combine their hardware resources, helps play a big role in making IT more cost-effective. Ask us for more information.

it itsecurity midas wales

IT Security

Just like you keep your personal items safe, we can help secure your IT network and business reputation.

it disaster recovery midas

Disaster Recovery

Disasters can happen, however it is how you respond that can really effect your business relationships - ask us about some solutions that can work for you.

IP Telephony

There are many advantages of using an internet connection with hardware and applications to ensure communication is maximised.

it internet connection midas

Internet Connection & Services

Internet is major part of many businesses, ask us for more information

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