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What is a business without security? Retail outlets will secure their business with alarms. Catering companies will secure their stock through thorough management of produce. Websites and online platforms will secure their systems with firewalls and passwords.

Imagine if these things didn’t exist? How would you safeguard your website? How would you stop competitors from changing your product descriptions online or hacking your systems?

You wouldn’t.

If you haven’t got world-class security measures in place for your online world then you aren’t protecting your business.

Whether you deal with clients’ data, personal information or take payment details from customers: you need to have a sound security system in place.

  • Installation of a firewall.

A secure, legitimate firewall is the first line of defence for your online business. Malware systems can be installed on your devices without your knowledge. Hackers could potentially steal all of your customer related information and personal protected details. Stealing your clients’ details is one thing but stealing their credit card details is a whole different ballgame.

 A firewall will aim to protect your computer from this happening. Firewalls can detect when unauthorised activities are taking place on your systems. It knows when large amounts of data are being imported or exported from your computer and will prevent the cyber attack from happening.

  • Payment gateway

Client payment gateways need to be secure, encrypted platforms to ensure maximum security when it comes to confidential client details. You don’t want a hacker being able to access your clients’ credit card details. Utilising the expertise of Midas Solutions means your will have the best security systems installed on your devices to provide you with peace of mind. You can also try and separate your payment platform from your generic pages.

  • Abide by Data Protection laws

This is a great way to protect your business and your clients’ data. If you abide by Data Protection laws and ensure that your staff have the relevant training, then there is no reason that client’s information should be jeopardised. It is a legal requirement that data is processed in a certain way. If you stick to the rules then you cant stray far off the path. You are completing your due diligence.

  • Change your passwords every 90 days

Don’t use the same generic passwords on every device. You would be surprised at how easy it is for a cyber criminal to figure out your password. If it’s the same all around then that’s an entire system hack. Change your passwords every 90 days to make sure you are covering your business. Also, don’t give staff access to important passwords in case they pass that information on or write it down for other people to access.

  • Invest in Midas Solutions

You need the best most appropriate security measures for your business. Invest in Midas and we will invest in you.