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Superfast broadbandSuperfast broadband’ -  that’s just really fast internet, right?


Let Midas Solutions introduce you to the revolutionary product that can help transform your online business operations.  As expert IT technicians in South Wales, we encourage all of our clients to invest in superfast broadband and we’re going to tell you why.

Firstly, superfast broadband is defined as a connection with a download speed of 24mbps or above. This rapid connection speed can be achieved through a fixed line connection as well as mobile broadband connection (which is fantastic as we offer both).

Let’s do a little comparison: the standard broadband speeds can deliver your information through speeds of up to 17mbps whilst the minimum speed to be considered as ‘super’ is 24mbps with the average speed from 38mb to 76mb. So, as you can see there is a little bit of a difference (quite a lot).

As well as superfast broadband being advantageous when downloading, it also has the benefit of producing increased uploading speeds and faster processes.

It’s said that as of 2017, nearly 90% of the population have a superfast broadband line. Therefore, as a business, it is almost vital that if your networks aren’t running on the quickest speed using the fastest processors then your business won’t be operating to its optimal capacity.

You want to ensure that with every click, you’re saving yourself time. If you use telecommunications in your daily business life, then a slow phone line is potentially fatal for your company. Not to mention how frustrating a lagging line can be. For some businesses, a drop in connection speed causes lost revenue which is not acceptable in modern society as time is money. Ideally you want a static IP address with a continuous secure network and Midas Solutions can provide that for you.

Nearly every company will use computers at work and will therefore, understand how frustrating it is when your internet connection is poor which subsequently leads to a workload build up.

Choosing a superfast broadband connection with Midas Solutions means you don’t just pay for the product. You receive a full installation package as well as continued 24 hour support and the assistance of a team of dedicated IT consultants and IT technicians in South Wales.

With a good internet connection, you can do an awful lot but with a great connection and a specialist team, you can do pretty much, anything.

No matter what your business does, superfast broadband is for you.  

Superfast broadband allows you to get the benefits of using an online storage system such as the cloud because of its speed and reliability.  You’ll have the ability to use shared workspaces and your work based computers no longer become the only place to operate your business. You’ll be able to use host applications which will cut down your licensing costs. You want to stay connected with your audience and superfast broadband allows you to do more than simply have a connection. Find out more on how we can help.

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