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Leased Line

A leased line is a private bidirectional or symmetric voice and data circuit. Typically, leased lines are used by businesses to implement cloud based solutions and to connect home and mobile workers securely to the office. Unlike other connections, a leased line is always active. The fee for the connection is a fixed monthly rate. The primary factors affecting the monthly fee are distance between end points and the speed of the circuit. Because the connection does not carry anybody else's communications, Midas can assure a given level of quality. An Internet leased line is a premium Internet connectivity product, normally delivered over fiber, which provides uncontended, symmetrical speeds with full duplex.

Conectivity Midas Solutions


Fibre to the cabinet is a connectivity technology that is based on a combination of fibre optic cable and copper cable. The fibre optic cable is in place from the local telephone exchange to a distribution point (roadside cabinet), hence the name fibre to the cabinet. From this distribution point a standard telephone line based on copper is then used to deliver the broadband connectivity.

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Business Broadband

No business can exist today without a reliable internet connection. But with so many business broadband providers offering so many services, with so many different features, how are you supposed to know what is right for your company? Speak to Midas for impartial advice and available packages.

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Wi-Fi is the name given to wireless networking that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. A common misconception is that the term Wi-Fi is short for "wireless fidelity," however this is not the case. Wi-Fi is simply a trademarked phrase that means IEEE 802.11.

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Mobile Data

Mobile data is one way that mobile device users can gain wireless access to the internet. Depending on how much you use the internet, and where, having adata-enabled device will give you the best of both worlds, giving you on-the-go access to the information you need.


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