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In the wake of 2018, there should be no excuse for any device or product to be lagging in the ‘operation’ department. Yet, many businesses still put up with dodgy, intermittent internet connections and slow capabilities.

Let us give you a little analogy: your trip to Starbucks for your morning latte means a ten-minute slot to attempt to connect to the WIFI. Let’s face it, the WIFI in most coffee shops is always rubbish. You’ll put your details in and it will probably open ten different windows and ask for various pieces of personal information before your little WIFI bars appear connected.  Even after getting through that minefield, you’re often left with a disappointing connection. It can get a bit annoying, can’t it?

So, if you wouldn’t put up with such bad, long winded connections in a café, why would you accept a poor connection in your office? 

Many businesses seem to accept that a slow phone line is part of the job. Often, when the lines ‘go down’ it’s considered as normal. This really should not be a reality In 2018. A fast internet connection and a secure, operating phoneline with quality products is the bare minimum that a company needs to ensure their daily duties are undertaken.  

If you’re accepting drops in connection or patchy lines with bad systems then we’re afraid, you’re doing it wrong. The best thing about Midas Solutions is that we don’t see the past as a basis for the future. What we mean is that, it doesn’t matter that you have bad internet connections and inadequate technical operations because now, you have found us. Let’s look to the future and see how we can help you.

There are various ways in which processing speeds can be increased, superfast broadband being one of them.

Superfast broadband exceeds the standard download speeds of 17mbps and reaches anything from 24 to 70. If you operate on a scale where you use telephony and voice and data solutions in South Wales then you’ll want to get superfast broadband. If anything were to go wrong at any point in your working day then having a telecoms company such as ourselves behind the scenes could really benefit your working life.

Operate on a call centre or customer service model? Your entire revenue is generated through a stable internet connection. If there is no connection or you experience a lapse, then you physically cannot create any business. Loss of revenue due to poor operating systems should NOT be a reality. If you’re experiencing any sort of issues on a daily or even weekly basis then it’s time to seek our help – no matter what your business does.

Utilising the assistance of IT technicians and IT support technicians in South Wales needs to be next on your to-do list. Our knowledge will really make a different to your business.