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Social Media Images January 2019Your business could be suffering from several IT security issues without even realising it. Left unchecked, these issues can give intruders an opportunity to breach your IT infrastructure to misuse your data and cause problems.

So when you should you be really concerned about your IT security? Well, if you ask us, there’s not a moment that you are not at risk. Here are some situations when you should be concerned about your IT security.

Uninformed or careless employees

If your employees aren’t trained in security practices, that’s a cause for concern. What if they look up unauthorised websites, use weak passwords, click on malicious emails, or open a suspicious email attachment? Your business is at a huge risk. So invest in training your employees on cyber and IT security practices.

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Cloud applications

Cloud applications can pose a security threat to your IT systems. And the best way to defend against such threats is to use strong encryption. A data-level cloud encryption can keep your data and systems safe and secure.

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Mobile devices

Data theft becomes a huge concern when your employees rely on their mobile devices to access company information or share data. Mobile security breaches are a real concern. With more and more businesses embracing BYOD, there is an increased risk of exposing your IT system to malware or Trojans. 

A sound IT security plan can from Midas Solutions is all you need to mitigate the risk associated with BYOD including mobile devices.

Unpatched devices

Any network devices like printers, routers and servers that make use of firmware or software are vulnerable if a necessary patch hasn’t been installed. They are also vulnerable if the hardware isn’t designed for updation after vulnerabilities are discovered. That leaves a device that is prone to attacks to gain entry to your systems and access to your data.

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