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11 Social Media Images August 2019IT is a huge part of any business today. So is data. You might be holding data in the form of employee information, customer data or even in-depth product designs. These could of interest to hackers and cybercriminals, even if you are a small business.

Be sure to implement robust cybersecurity measures at your premises. For assistance, talk to our IT support specialists in Cardiff today. Meanwhile, here are the top 4 cyber threats you must be aware of.


This is a type of malware (malicious software) that encrypts your data that will only be release when you pay up the extortion money. Malicious email is the most common form of delivering ransomware. Here are some things you can do to protect your business against ransomware:

  • Organise staff awareness programmes.
  • Keep software applications up to date.
  • Install malware protection and anti-virus software.
  • Take regular data back-ups.


With phishing, intruders try to gain access to sensitive information whilst posing as a trustworthy contact such as an online service or bank. Phishing emails might look totally legitimate, often with genuine logos and flawless wording. Here are some steps you could take to protect yourself:

  • Use anti-malware software.
  • Be aware that companies do not ask for sensitive and personal information.
  • Ensure the spam filters are turned on.
  • Be suspicious of any unexpected emails.

Data Leaks

Although cybersecurity in the office might seem like a huge challenge, you must recognise that security extends beyond the office in today’s times. With the widespread use of tablets and smart phones, and the availability of cheap portable storage devices, data leaks are easy and effortless. Here are some pointers to consider:

  • Turn on passcode locks on mobile devices.
  • Use encryption software when using portable storage devices.
  • Turn on GPS tracking and remote wipe when the device is lost.


Intruders still favour accessing IT systems from outside. Traditionally, cyber criminals have tired to gain access to bank account details or credit card databases. But intellectual property is yet a valuable asset that in the wrong hands can prove disastrous.

You can protect yourself from hacking by activating data access security, network firewalls and user awareness.

Midas Solutions Can Help!

We are an IT company in Cardiff with many years of experience in cybersecurity. We will carry out a full audit of your IT systems to identify and plug all the leaks and loopholes. Contact us today for a free audit.