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 News good it companyAs your business grows, so will your technology requirements. As a growing business, you will find that you can save time as well as money by contracting your IT needs to a managed IT services company in Cardiff.

Based on a ‘pay as you go’ model, Midas Solutions can offer an array of specialised technology services including management of IT security, networks, applications, data and other e-management services.

A good IT company can help you in more ways than one.


A good IT company has years of experience in the industry. Their rich experience and in-depth knowledge will ensure you get the right solution you need. With years of experience as an IT company, Midas Solutions can foresee possible problems our clients may face and even anticipate your operational requirements.

Fast response time

A good IT company is one that is available around the clock and offers a quick service along with a rapid response time. Here at Midas Solutions, we don’t forward calls to a call centre. In fact, your calls will always be responded by someone from our team. We will respond to you quickly and assure you of guaranteed response time in most cases.

Disaster recovery planning

What if your business is affected by a natural disaster, vandalism or any other outage? Are you prepared for such extreme situations? A good IT company can help you plan for the unforeseen circumstances that could happen in the near future. They can help secure your data and ensure your business can recover from a disastrous event at the earliest.


A good IT company has access to the latest technology and solutions to protect and secure your data. We can put in place consistent and automatic backups that are backed up remotely for optimal security and safety.

Customer support

As a leading IT company in Cardiff, we are here to support you at every step of the way. Are your employees struggling to use the technology at your workplace? Got a question? We provide quick customer support to answer all your questions so you can get your job done at the earliest without losing time.

Creativity and innovation

Although you don’t want your company to be a part of an experiment, you also want to ensure you stay on top of your game. Here at Midas Solutions, we bring to you the latest IT solutions and adopt new technology early on to ensure your business gains an edge over your competitors.

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