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20 Social Media Images OCTOBER 2018If you have an email account, you are probably well aware of spam emails and just how annoying they are. But have you ever thought just why do you (and millions like you the world over) receive such emails? There are several reasons why spammers send such messages and you should be aware of them so you can ensure security both for your computer and your personal information.

Promoting Products

The prime reason why spammers send messages is to lure you into buying products from them instead of companies you trust. Spam emails are primarily commercial in nature and promote products in a disguised manner through links embedded in genuine emails from sites you are familiar with.

Economic Viability

Spam emails can be considered as digital versions of paper junk mails you receive in your mailbox. However, posting so many paper mails to millions of people is expensive. On the other hand, emails are extremely economically viable and cost a tiny fraction of the amount spent on posting paper mails.

And since spam emails have links embedded within genuine emails, the costs are further reduced as the authentic sites bear most of the cost.

Commercial Viability

Spamming is a great way for spammers to earn millions in quick time. For example, if a spammer sends a million messages and even if only 1% of the recipients fall for the trap and buy the product, it translates to high income really quickly.


Another reason why spamming is expanding at an exponential rate is that it allows fraudulent companies to lure you into parting with your money. As an example, you receive an email wherein you are informed that you have won an astonishing amount through a lottery conducted is some country you are no way connected with. However, to claim the amount, you have to deposit a certain transaction fee online. You fall for the trap, send the transaction fee and your money is gone!

Spreading Virus

Spamming is a great way to spread viruses that infect your computer and wipe out all important data. In such case, immediate disaster recovery is crucial if you want your computer up and running again. With the right kind of IT Support, this can be done accurately and quickly before your data is lost forever.

As a professional IT company in Bridgend, we are equipped with the latest technology and our expert IT professionals are highly capable of solving the issue on an urgent basis.