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18 Social Media Images NOVEMBER 2018The cloud is a computing technology wherein all data and resources are retrieved from cyberspace through the Internet. Unlike the traditional method of direct connectivity to a server and storing data on hard disks, cloud-based applications allow you to store all your information on to a remote storage system.

The system is referred to as cloud-based computing simply because the cyberspace is considered a vast ‘cloud’ where millions and millions of bytes of data are stored in a safe and secure environment.

At Midas Solutions, we offer customised cloud-based solutions to cover all your IT needs. Whether you want a safe data storage space, quick retrieval facilities, excellent connection, high-class data back-up or complete security; you can count on us.

We provide the complete range of IT support services in the South Wales area and have partnered with top-rated service providers to offer you the most appropriate cloud-based packages for your business.

Seamless Communication and Absolute Flexibility

Cloud-based computing allows you to access all your documents from anywhere across the globe. You are no longer fettered to a specific workstation and can stay connected with your remote workers, clients or partners 24x7x365.

At Midas Solutions, we offer bespoke packages depending on your needs from some of the best Managed Service Providers and Cloud-based service providers in the industry. Our expert guidance combined with our partners’ vast experience ensures you get the ideal cloud-based platform required for your business to expand and thrive.

Save Storage Space

Cloud-based computing helps save substantial space on your hardware. This is all the more suitable for large organizations that spend millions on infrastructure just to store their files, documents, presentations and data.

Midas Solutions has a huge and completely secure data centre where you can store all your files and retrieve them any time you want. Our data centre boasts a top-grade infrastructure where files are stored and managed using the best of technologies for complete safety, fast upload and quick retrieval.

Excellent Back-up

The cloud-based system stores all the information in the cyberspace, which provides an excellent backup platform in case things go wrong. It is not uncommon for entire networks to crash wherein you lose all your data within minutes.

With cloud-based services, Midas Solutions offer you the best disaster recovery plan so that all your crucial information can be retrieved at the earliest. We pride ourselves on being an IT company that allows you to fully exploit all the advantages of cloud-based services across all sectors.