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News 06Medic-Call is a bespoke voice system that’s specially made with doctor’s surgeries in mind. Medic-Call offers a bouquet of communications solutions that is custom-made for General Practice services.

Developed by Splicecom, an award-winning manufacturer of reliable and feature rich voice systems, Medic-Call meets the requirements of the GP team as well as the NHS and the Government.

The telephone is the chief mode of communication for surgery as well as its patients. With more and more patients demanding phone triage and extensive opening hours, and the amalgamation of some surgeries, the humble phone could turn to be either a boon or a bane.

Medic-Call offers an array of voice solutions that aim to enhance, and where necessary, replace the traditional phone system thereby helping you to offer your services seamlessly.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of Medic-Call to your GP Surgery.

Reporting Made Easy

Reporting and recording – these are two important proficiencies for doctor’s surgeries. Medic-Call offers an uncomplicated search interface and quick playback of recordings. Not only does this help with understanding/reviewing patient information, it also helps protect your staff from difficult and abusive callers.

You can auto-compile, schedule and even send reports such as call duration, queued call stats and time taken to take calls. Live wallboards offer your staff real-time data about calls such as the number of calls waiting in queue for each service.

All in One Phone System

Having an appropriate phone system is crucial for efficient functioning of a doctor’s surgery these days. A desk phone for every staff member as the only mode of communications is inadequate. Medic-Call works with a wide range of devices including softphones, desk phones and conferencing systems. It also offers softphones for DECT wireless handsets, smartphones and phones that use WiFi.

Adjustable Call Distribution

Once you choose self-service options on Medic-Call Attendant, it is important to route calls to the specific staff/team. You can even configure Exception planning (say for bank holidays) in advance.

Remote Working

With Medi-Call, you can accommodate work-from-home staff or from a different location.

Other Benefits

The list of benefits is endless. Here are some more benefits of Medic-Call.

  • Bring multiple teams together with voice-conference bridge
  • All connectivity features from your traditional phone
  • Call forwarding allows you to take calls even when your staff is away from surgery
  • Cloud-based phone system that can be deployed for single or even multiple surgeries

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