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5 Things Our Team Can Do to Help Streamline Your BusinessIn today’s digital world, a lot of businesses across the UK are switching to cloud telephony. At Midas Touch, we have seen an exponential growth of demand for this technology. The benefits of cloud technology are limitless. Let’s take a look at five ways your business can benefit from Midas Cloud.

Ability to Work from Home

Who doesn’t like the flexibility of working from home? Our cloud telephony system allows you and your employees to work from home. With the Midas Cloud, you are not limited by the four walls of your office. Whether you are a one-man-show or a growing enterprise, you can take your business phone wherever you are. Midas Cloud gives you the power to create, copy, edit any document as well as communicate with anyone no matter where you are.

Cost Savings

A traditional business phone system is expensive and calls for a huge investment. This can especially pose a problem for small businesses looking to grow without laying out a huge capital. Midas Cloud gives you access to a complete telephone system without investing in any equipment or hardware. You can access your cloud telephone system from your mobile device, your office computer or even your existing telephone systems. 


Scaling up is pretty easy with the Midas Cloud. On days when you anticipate a lot of calls on your traditional phone system, you will have to do a lot of prep work. However, with the Midas Cloud, call surge is not an issue. Let the calls keep coming, and the cloud will handle it effortlessly for you. What’s more, you won’t have to waste any time on prep work.


A traditional phone line is dependent on the robustness of the wires that have been laid. One problem with the wires underneath, and you have to face downtime and disruption. Not anymore with the Midas Cloud. We assure you of an uptime of 99.95%. That gives you a highly reliable phone system for your business. After all, time is money!

Problem Prevention

Midas Solutions offers a free security audit of your IT systems that will find the leaks and breaches in your systems to help avoid data breaches. Data is the most important asset for businesses today, and a breach can turn out to be highly expensive, disruptive and problematic. Prevent all of these issues with Midas Solutions.

Parting Thoughts

Those are only five of the several benefits of cloud telephone. Talk to us today to get the future-ready phone system for your business.