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Social Media Images July 2019 02Midas Solutions have been supporting businesses across the UK for over 10 years and we take care of hundreds of IT systems for businesses such as yours. 

The free cyber audit for your network is very simple and easy. It takes about 30 minutes and one of our engineers will review your current technology setup. Our 25-point checklist will help identify whether you have all the essentials in place to keep your IT systems secure and fast. 

We will report any areas that need attention. We can help fix the vulnerabilities found in the report to ensure you are up to standard. We could even offer a Cyber Essential certification. 

Here are 3 reasons why should have a free cyber audit done at the earliest. 

Minimise risk

Do you remember the last time you had your IT security audited? 

Are the passwords you use at the workplace strong? Are they changed regularly?

Is your endpoint security updated?

These are some of the questions every business that relies on IT systems must ask themselves. A malware attack or a data breach on your business could cost you a lot of money as well as your reputation. 

With our free cyber audit, you get a list of recommendations to secure your business against cyber crimes and protect your business from any vulnerabilities. 

Comply with the regulations

Legally, you are required to protect your customers’ data stored in your systems. 

Latest regulations like the GDPR levy hefty penalties if there’s an attack or breach leading to loss of personal data of your customers. 

Our free audit will provide a complete report of the things you will need to do to comply with the regulations and avoid penalty. 

Stay stress-free

Our cyber security audit will help catch all the security issues that need attention. We will categorise the vulnerabilities by how important and urgent they are. 

Knowing what to fix is half the job done. Our specialist technicians can work with you to make the necessary updates so you are in compliance and completely secure. 

Implementing best practices will take away the stress as you know your network systems are robust and secure. 

Schedule your free cyber audit now!

Have you taken advantage of our free cyber audit yet? 

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