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21 Social Media Images Sept 2019Did you know that over 60% of global trade is conducted online these days? Hence keeping your company’s IT infrastructure running smoothly is extremely crucial when you want to retain your brand’s competitive advantage.

Failure to maintain your IT network could result in an outage, leading to massive loss of revenue, productivity, data, and ultimately, goodwill.       

At Midas Solutions, we employ competent professionals who can help thwart downtime losses by providing failsafe IT support. We can help protect your business against:

Loss of productivity

There is no gainsaying that you and your employees conduct a good part of your day-to-day business activities online. Steady broadband/internet connectivity is essential whether you are using CRM software, sending emails or completing a range of web-based tasks. So, you can imagine the steep losses you may have to incur in the event of a downtime, least of all productivity loss.

When you lose access to your IT system, you cannot get any work done and the entire office comes to a standstill. And even when the network is restored, the workflow is adversely affected resulting in production/productivity loss.

However, you still have to pay fixed and variable costs, productivity losses notwithstanding, which will impact your bottom line.       

Loss of goodwill and customer loyalty

Downtime can also severely dent your goodwill. What’s more, the damage could be long-term and nearly irreversible. If your customers are left high and dry because of frequent server outages, they may reconsider using your product or service. You may also find it difficult to attract prospective customers if your existing clients badmouth your company.

At Midas Solutions, we offer excellent cloud infrastructure support services in South Wales.   

Data loss

Any network downtime comes with the attendant risk of data loss. And if you have not backed up your data, you could be staring at incalculable losses. Without a robust network security system in place, directories and files containing classified information and private data could be vulnerable to hacking and spyware.

Additionally, the inaccessibility to data could make your customers anxious, compelling them to look for a more reliable service provider.        

Loss of revenue

As stated by Gartner Research, a company stands to lose roughly £4,448 in revenues for every minute its IT systems remain inaccessible. Depending upon the nature of your business and the size of your firm, you could suffer a revenue loss ranging from £40, 00-£4, 26,600 for every hour of downtime. If you derive a substantial chunk of your revenues from your e-commerce site, system outage could result in heavy revenue loss.

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