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Social Media Images May 11Midas Cloud is a cloud solution that makes business telephony seamless, practical, efficient and affordable. What’s more, by setting up your business phone system on our cloud, you can access your phone from anywhere, anytime.

Here are five ways your business will benefit from the Midas Cloud.

Cost Savings

Installing an EPABX system is quite expensive. You’ll need to invest in handsets, training, routers, softphones and more. With the Midas Cloud, you can access your telephone system from your own device be it a landline, mobile phone or even a desktop. Given that there’s no investment in hardware and equipment, you are not spending a penny on maintenance either. That’s a double whammy of savings.

Highly Reliable

Many times, your phone systems go out of order due to bad weather, badly laid wires or when the roads are dug up. With the Midas Cloud, you can bid goodbye to all such hassles. Our cloud hosting solution offers an uptime of 99.95% assuring you of a highly reliable cloud telephony system.

Extremely Flexible

Your IVR system is awesome. However, after a period, say you want to make a change to the IVR message. You will have to call the IVR solution provider’s customer care team or have an IT company do it for you. And that’s an extremely time-intensive process.

With Midas Cloud, you don’t have to wait for anyone. You can make these changes easily and quickly by logging in to the system.

Very Scalable

Let’s assume that you have launched an ad campaign and are expecting a lot of calls to your EPABX system. You will need to do some prep work to be able to take such an onslaught of calls. You would have to manage the surge in traffic, but you will also have to downgrade once things revert to normal. That’s more work and even more time managing the system.

With Midas Cloud, all you need to do is add or remove the number of agents answering calls, and we will take care of the surge in traffic for you. With your cloud-based telephone system, scaling up is not only easy, it’s cost effective too.

Better Brand Image

For small businesses, investing in an expensive phone system is often cost-prohibitive. With Midas Cloud, you have access to all the top-end benefits of a traditional phone system at the fraction of a cost. You can greet callers with a smashing IVR message, ask for feedback at the end of a call and even track all the calls at the click of a button.

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