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news 300519Your IT systems play a critical role in your company’s success. With technology evolving quickly, it’s important to review your IT infrastructure from time to time. Although this could sound like a complicated task, there are some clear signs your IT systems are outdated and need a review.

Your systems are too slow

Do you find there’s too much downtime every time there’s a problem with your IT systems? If your IT systems take too long to respond, it’s time to take the leap to the latest technology.

Your servers could be faulty, perhaps the internet connectivity is slow or even the software might be the culprit.

These inconveniences may become too frustrating in no time and can even demotivate the workers. It’s about time you considered hiring an IT specialist to review your current systems.

Your maintenance costs are escalating

Older systems demand frequent repairs and regular updates in order to work. It might not seem like a huge expense when you consider an isolated event or a single machine. Only when you look at the aggregated cost of all repairs in a year would you realise the kind of money you are spending.

Although investing in new IT systems might sound like a huge expense, in the long run, it will cost you less.

Your productivity is taking a hit

Old systems tend to produce lower output and the results tend to be low-quality compared to new systems. The lower the productivity, the more the problems. Your customers would leave you for companies with more modern systems where they can receive faster service.

Your IT system fell prey to a cyberattack

A security breach is a huge sign that your IT infrastructure needs a review. The occurrence of a cyber attack poses a huge threat to your organisation. Therefore, you must carry out an urgent review of all your systems and security measures and make necessary replacements and upgrades.

Even if the attack did not have a huge impact, the fact that it happened signifies that it’s possible for intruders to access and even manipulate your systems and data.

Your servers are crashing constantly

Servers crash when the server is out of memory or the network bandwidth is just not sufficient. There could be other reasons such as malware, corrupted disks and even overheating.

Although there’s no system that’s completely immune to an occasional issue, if you experience major outage every month or even more frequently, it’s a sign that you should review your IT systems.

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