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news good networkYour business has grown at great speed over the past few years. What was once a small business has now established itself as a market leader. Now that everything is on track, you also need to ensure your IT network is in sync with your growing business needs.

Here are the top four reasons why you should ensure your IT network is suitable for your established business.


Transferring a huge file across a network could affect productivity as your employees lose time waiting. As an established business, you cannot afford such productivity leaks. It might just be five minutes a day.

However, with an average of 260 business days in a year, those 5 minutes per day workout to 21 hours per year. This lost time can affect workflow, focus and even concentration that could, in effect, double the time.


Every business needs people for growth. You might have started small and with a minimal setup without any security. However, as your business grows, so does your workforce and the load on your network.

Every computer, printer, storage drive and any other network device adds load on your network, which can slow down the transfer, result in errors and even reduce the life of your hardware. A well-designed IT network gives your employees a centralised location to store files with the added advantage of automated backups.

Your business won’t have to face sudden shocks such as file corruptions or loss of valuable effort.


If your IT network is years old, it’s possible that it’s lagging behind in terms of security. Security measures cannot be ignored just because everything is smooth. Perhaps you are not aware of a gaping hole in your IT network’s security that needs immediate attention.

Future proof

Networking upgrade is not just about meeting your current business needs but also for the next few years. Here at Midas Solutions, we carry out sufficient capacity planning to identify what is needed. By collecting network usage metrics, we create a baseline that will be used to project future growth. This way, we can ensure that your IT network is ready to meet your business requirements for several years to come.

Your ability to store, share and transfer files would be one of the prime contributors to continued growth. The efficiency, speed and flexibility you build into your IT network will save money, time and future frustration.

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