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16 Midas Social Media ImagesCybersecurity is a set of technologies that help protect Internet-based networks including data, software and hardware from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is crucial to the safety of your business as it prevents unauthorised access, damage or risk to business-critical data and network connections.

When you want complete security for all your IT connections, contact Midas Solutions. We are based in Bridgend, South Wales and take great pride in serving some of the best companies in Europe.

With decades of experience, we are equipped to provide a wide range of services such as cloud hosting, voice Systems, IT support, connectivity and, of course, cybersecurity. We assure you of delivering the best solutions and support for all your IT needs.

Why is Cybersecurity So Vital?

The prime function of cybersecurity is to protect your IT systems from serious cyber threats. Such threats include malware, phishing, application attacks, ransomware or exploit kits. As technology develops, so does the level of cyber threats.

Having the latest cybersecurity system in place can provide you with comprehensive security and complete peace of mind.

Components of Cybersecurity

Comprehensive cybersecurity comprises coordination and application across a wide range of information systems.

Application Security

This includes the use of hardware, software and other procedural methods to prevent unauthorised access to various applications in your IT infrastructure. Security systems built into applications minimise such risks and keeps your applications safe.

Information Security

This is a set of strategies implemented to detect and prevent threats to both non-digital and digital data. The strategies are built to specifically maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability (only on request) of information.

Network Security

This is a comprehensive application of various strategies and technologies to keep your network safe and reduce the risk of virus attacks, unauthorised access or network connection crashes.

Quick Disaster Recovery

Cybersecurity measures can also help you with disaster recovery i.e. recovering your important files and documents and getting your network running back again in no time. With cybersecurity applications in place, you can quickly recover your data in case there’s a security breach.

Operational Security

This is an analytical process that classifies confidential data and determines the measures and controls required to protect them.

End-user Education

All the above procedures and applications will be of no value when the end-users are not aware of the threats. Employees should be aware of the different types of cyber threats and the respective security measures to take. This way, they can make maximum use of the cybersecurity applications.

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