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05 Social Media Images NOVEMBER 2018Voice or Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as Internet Voice) is a combination of technologies that are used to transmit data from one source to another using Internet Protocol (IP). VoIP is most commonly used to make local or international telephone calls at a very affordable rate. The technology provides high quality, fast voice communication across the globe.


How does the Voice Technology Work?

Internet Voice technology converts your voice into digital signals that are transmitted via the Internet. The technology enables you to make calls from your PC, Internet Voice compatible telephones or from regular telephones that are connected to an adapter to make it suitable for transmission of voice message through the Internet.

At Midas Solutions, we offer premium voice systems through high-quality voice-enabled phones or through the cloud or a combination of both technologies. We’ve partnered with the best voice providers and offer the latest applications in Internet Voice technology.

With years of experience in the telecommunication sector, we are a leading IT company in the Bridgend area of South Wales. No matter what your voice connectivity needs are, our experienced IT support team has you covered.

Equipment Required for Voice over Internet Services

The prime requirement is, of course, a high-speed Internet connection. The basic advantage of Internet Voice is fast transmission of data; so your internet connection should match up to it. You would also require either a compatible phone specially created for voice transmission or a computer and an adaptor.

With Internet Voice, you can stay connected to anybody anywhere in the world either through computer-to-computer calls or mobile-to-computer calls. When you are often on the move and want to stay connected even when you’re not in the office, mobile-to-computer communication certainly comes handy.

At Midas Solutions, we offer various customized packages for voice communication over mobile phones. With our support, guidance and excellent service, you can stay connected with your clients and partners 24x7.

Staying Connected Online

Apart from Internet Voice services, businesses also depend substantially on voice transmission over computers. This helps you to stay connected with your offshore employees, clients or partners when you are working from home or office.

Midas Solutions offers a host of voice services such as leased lines, business broadband, mobile data connectivity (for PC-to-mobile) and Wi-Fi.

Speak to us today to know how we can help your business expand through our customised and highly efficient VoIP services.